I am an Alaskan since birth, and an Angeleno for the past decade. I make my living as an Artist & hold an MA in Conflict Transformation. I hand dye each piece with intention, love & meditation, with my two little children at my feet in my sun-filled backyard on LA's East side. I fell in love with hand dyeing textiles when I was 17, attending a Intro to Batik course at the University of Alaska. This is where I learned about the Japanese dyeing technique/art form called Shibori, which is a manual resist dye method. I fell in love. Shibori is my main technique used to this day, offering striking contrast & a low impact process. Nature inspires & informs every aspect of my work. I seek to bring the ethereal dreamlike state of the natural world into my art. 
I use many dyes, but my favorite is the natural indigo. Indigo is connected to the 3rd eye chakra; it helps you speak your truth - honoring oneself, inviting power & deep change.
What we adorn ourselves with is very important & I believe should be intentional. To feel good in what you are wearing is very important and it's such a gift for me to set intentions in each piece for my clients -- offering clarity, protection, power & love.
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so stoked you're here. 
all love,
layli samimi 
portrait by my brother na'im moore / @naimonpaper